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Monday, December 03, 2007


The One Laptop Per Child Program:

In 2002 Nicholas Negroponte a MIT Professor had a vision that if every child in the world had a laptop they could learn and educate themselves. He started in a remote village in Cambodia where in just one year the enrollment in school went up 50 percent, because children were excited about learning. This project sparked the idea for One Laptop Per Child. Negroponte found that it was expensive to supply the children with a laptop each, so he set out to find an economical way to make this happen. He quit MIT and worked tirelessly to create a fully functional state of the art laptop for one hundred dollars. The XO laptop is designed specifically for children, it is durable, water proof, and impervious to the elements. The program is in place in several different countries, and the best part of it is that the children take the laptop home and teach their parents how to use the computer. In many cases the laptop was the only source of light in the house, and they can connect to the Internet.

You can support and learn more about Negroponte and his program by going to There are others doing similar efforts out there such a Microsoft, the difference however is that Microsoft is doing to tap into the 2 billion "potential customers". Negroponte is doing it for the love of educating children all over the world.

The most important thing is, that even if Microsoft is doing it for potentially selfish reasons and Negroponte is doing it for the love, that a lot of children will be getting laptops.

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