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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Chris Northrop. Digital artist, cartoonist, and new media marketeer.

Mr. Northrop is from Brooklyn, NYC and has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. This young man is an entirely self taught artist and is not afraid of the brave new digital world. He's worked for Nickelodeon as an digital animator, Atom films as a flash animator, and doing MGM marketing for their Sci-Fi channel show Stargate Atlantis.

In Febuary his animated series "Just Daves" premeires on Written by Jacob Holmes and Aaron Berman. Superdeluxe is a comedy website owned by Adult Swim (Cartoon Network's late night programming block.) They ordered 3 episodes with the option open to order more. He serves as animation director. We are all very proud of him at EARSXXI.

I brought Mr. Northrop on the EARSXXI team for his self taught, digital expertise and the fact that my son likes his comics. He will be producing and running our upcoming CRCNEM project--a neverending movie concept in which all of us are directors/filmmakers around the real and cyber globe. So stay tuned for that. You will able to access it early next year at

For more info on Chris Northrop go to his home page

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