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Monday, October 22, 2007


Apple Photo Booth Fun.

I just got back from Italy where I was helping the up and coming Italian American Network promote the beautiful Piedmont region. We shot over 30 hours of video which will be cut down to 3-5 minute "Video Snacks" to be screened on the internet and cell phones. As our attention spans become more limited due to the total information bombardment craze, we have to find other ways to get someone's attention even if it is just for a brief moment especially when the content has human depth and inspires us. Remember, we are what we eat.

Video Consumption: Meal or Snack

For your normal video consumption you probably turn to your Television to get a full dose of your television fix, this is considered a "Video Meal". According to statistics and prime time television programming, most TV watchers watch from 7pm until 10pm. On the other hand "Video Snacks" are short 3-5 minute videos that according to recent statistics people consume in the middle of the day, when they are supposed to be working. Fear not, you are not bound by your desktop anymore, you can get your snacks "to go" and your boss won't catch you. Mobile devices are now your video lunch box where you can have all your snacks. With the popularity of "Snacking" the quality of the videos have gone up, not only in production value, but in storytelling as well. The ability to have video content streamed to your phone has prompted this second generation of video bloggers to increase the quality of the videos they put out. This ability to consume, create, and distribute is an awesome power and has network execs very nervous.

Continuing the food analogy: the web is a virtual vending machine for snacks, so if you like salty or sweet snacks, you can find what your looking for and have it sent to your phone. Alternatively you can become the creator and have your own line of tasty snacks for the world to enjoy.

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