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Monday, October 15, 2007



I'm in Northern Italy, touring the Barolo wine country. There has recently been some bitter fighting over the best way to make this wine. One winery I went to was so strict about keeping their old traditions that have been past down from generation to generation through the centuries that they refuse to use cell phones or internet on their property. Everything is done by hand. The wine was quite good. Another winery was more modernized in the sense that they studied wine making techniques from other very successful wine making regions in the modern world and blended them with the old traditions of their region. This wine was also excellent. The entire Piedmont region is now world famous for their wines and they compete head to head with the great French and California wines. It used to be that these Italian wines were the cheapest imported wines you could get in the states, now they are some of the most expensive. The whole region is booming economically, which has made it easier for the purist wine makers to preserve their old techniques. I don't know what this really has to do with the digital arena, but I do believe there is a good lesson to be learned here about the balance of old school and new school methods working together to rise to the occasion for the overall good of the community. This is something I wish to do with the cyber world and the real world, a focused Youtube like my PAH-FEST that brings people together and elevates the entire Human Community.

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