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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Some enchanted evening...when Wendell Phillips and his Golden West Opera Theater group performed at the PAH-FEST/STAR fundraiser on Tuesday night. Poised against the backdrop of a 20 story building in semi-demolition while standing in the middle of the quaint courtyard at Fabiolus on Sunset boulevard, 3 voices spun their spell over the audience and the Los Angeles night sky: the tenor Matthew A. Kessell, soprano Carol Lande and mezzo soprano Lyria Pegrem. Allen Andrews' piano accompaniment was perfectly understated. Fabio, the owner of the restaurant, enjoyed it so much he wants to invite the group back every weekend. Check out their web site at:

Below is an experimental Apple iMovie tribute to Wendell and his Golden West Opera Theater. Thanks for the magic, Wendell.

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