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Monday, September 24, 2007


iTunes and the independent film market:

Apple recently has been breaking the mold by allowing independent and short films to be sold on iTunes. Until recently, unless your short film was in Sundance or came from an "established" studio, you had no chance of getting distribution through iTunes. Apple took a chance and allowed "That", a short action flick about snowboarding, to be sold for $1.99. Apple is releasing a series of videos from Studio-411, which distributes extreme sports videos. Studio411 thought that they would get a broader audience than the small amount of people that go to extreme sport shops. Apple has not discussed any future arrangements with independent filmmakers or distributors, but this is an exciting time for independent filmmakers. In the future, you will not need the backing of some huge studio or have a distribution contract, all you will need is a good story and some knowledge of viral marketing.

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