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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Doug Aarne. It is because of Mr. Aarne that our PAH program exists. He is the epitome of PAH. Mr. Aarne was a construction worker in New Jersey who had a horrible accident. Mr. Aarne was electrocuted and by all accounts should be dead. He was rewired and lived like a Frankenstein monster in his basement because people where afraid of him. He would listen to my EARS blog and was one of my greatest fans. He would call himself EARWAX when leaving a comment.

When I was involved with the Duke City Shootout, I started a "Common Man" category. I was interested in stories, ideas, dreams by everyday people (plumbers, cab drivers, manicurists, etc), not screenplays by future Hollywood directors/writers.

Mr. Aarne submitted. I pulled together VIP script/story judges from likes of Morgan Freeman, Phyllis Diller, Peter Fonda, Tom Waits, August Coppola, Tom Sebastian and Tony Hillerman. Tom Sebastian was the story judge for the "Common Man" category. He picked Doug Aarne's "I AM" poem which you can see down below.

Mr. Aarne also sent a micro cassette tape of himself talking about Charlie Chaplin and his famous speech from his classic "The Great Dictator."

I was the mentor for the "Common Man" category, so I personally let Mr. Aarne know he was chosen. I was determined to do my best to help this man tell his story. The problem was getting him out of his basement to come to New Mexico and work with me. His dutiful son said he would accompany his father to New Mexico.

The process of working with Mr. Aarne opened my eyes. Tapping into the Creative Process gave Mr. Aarne hope and confidence. It was a healing experience for both of us. I decided that I should make this available to everybody I could. EARSXXI would use it's old school filmmaking and new school digital media expertise to help people tell their stories, discover and encourage their unique voice, and connect with their fellow man.

From one heart to another, I thank you Mr. Aarne for bringing forth the dawning of the PAH NATION.


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