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Monday, August 13, 2007


Apple Photo Booth Fun.

I'm always amazed how quickly the modern youth picks up on digital technology. It takes me a few times to get the hand of each digital gizmo and specialized software I come across. Often, I apply my own voodoo methodology to get results from the technology...a sharp desk slap, an annoyed cough or a finger flick tap on the mouse does wonders when I get in over my head. I was dreading having to explain to the DigiSquire how to use the Final Vinyl set up I have. You see, I just figure things out through trail and error, so trying to explain how it works the way it supposed to work could be difficult for me. If you saw this weeks EARSXXI OFFICE BUFFA Opus 41, you might have noticed that I barely gave the DigiSquire a detailed explanation of how to use Final Vinyl. I even asked him if he was following me, thinking he couldn't possibly be because I was hardly following myself. HE DIDN'T EVEN TAKE NOTES. The DigiSquire calmly said, "Yes." Now, he has already digitized 4 albums out the 5000 he has yet to do. Being that he is from the DigiBaby generation, he will have no problem at all. And this what the DigiVangelist loves about the Digital Arena. I am able to mix old school with new school. While the DigiSquire is helping me by digitizing all 5000 albums, he is learning more about the history of music and art than he can imagine. That's the way I like it.

Unplugging from the World Wide Web and plugging into the world:

Damian the DigiPostle took a much needed break from life in the cyber world and took a trip to Mesa Verde in Colorado. With no Internet and no cell phone service I was in somewhat of a panic, but after a nice hike to the cliff dwellings everything was put into perspective. Everyone should take a little time to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer and unplug for a while. The DigiPostle is learning well.

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