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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Barrett Fox is the creator/director of the Brainstormer Project, an interactive cyber thinktank space. Brainstormer is kind of like "Second Life", but instead of the 'anything goes' format it's a forum for idea sharing and creativity. If you want to have a meeting with 6 likeminded individuals from all around the world you can all meet together with Brainstormer and discuss your ideas. People can also explore what it's like to be in your personal 'head' space - e.g.: with CRC's avatar you can go inside my head and see the world through 'CRC Vision.'

Barrett was telling me how fortunate he feels, that he is working on his dream project, and how he could be working somewhere designing extreme sports video games or the like, but that here, with the Brainstormer project, he gets to be inventive, educational, progressive, altruistic and meet great people all at the same time. Barrett is one of the nicest individuals I have ever met. He is incredibly modest about his abilities, but he is a force who is and will continue to make positive change in our world via the Digital Arena. I am devoting two parts to Mr. Fox. One as scientist artist, the other as artist scientist.


Below are links to get more info on the Brainstormer project:

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