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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Kathleen Thompson.

Ms. Thompson was kind enough to volunteer to be the PAH-FEST:Motown photographer. She also gave a talk about finding one's true voice and unleashing the CREATIVE PROCESS within. She is definitely a kindred spirit to PAH. Below are some of her collages she made depicting the PAH-FEST event.

Here's some more info about the class she teaches:

Creating/living from your authentic self

Description - This empowering workshop will help you tune into your authentic voice.
You will gain powerful tools to self knowledge which will help you
recognize and release creative blocks in order to create the life
you've imagined living! This is an experiential class geared to
exploring the art of "being" creative - The ability to play and have
fun is a prerequisite. Bring a journal and an open mind.

Facilitator - Kathleen Thompson, award-winning photographer, author of the children's
book entitled "Sometimes I Am A Kite," And creator of "BeCause Cards,"
an interactive box of cards geared to inspire conscious
Living and Creating - will hit the marketplace in July 2007. Kathleen
spends her free time thinking of ways to think out of the box, studying
metaphysical principles, and learning Native American rituals.


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