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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Jesse DeNatale. Poet/musician/experimentalist extraordinaire

I met Mr. DeNatale at a party in the bay area. We talked about using the stories of our own lives and the lives of people near us in our art. I mentioned Josh White Jr. and how he tells the story of his father learning the blues as a shoeless boy by being the eyes for blind street musicians back in the day. He knew Mr. White Jr. very well. We talked about PAH and how PAH is dedicated to helping people of all walks of life share their stories and how I was in the process of getting a PAH FEST set up in the bay area for early next year. He gave me his latest CD "Soul Parade" which I listend to over and over during the rest of my stay in Frisco. He sings a touching song about his uncle the boxer called THE BELL. I responded to it. It's a sad story, but it made me feel the need to persevere no matter what., never give up. Actually, all of his songs resonated with me. They get in there like good poetry should...letting the little moments, the less is more moments, breath and resonate, gently tickling us like a nursery rhyme. When I got back to LA, I was fortunate to be able to see him sing live at the Largo on Fairfax Blvd with Adrienne. He's a wonderful story teller on the stage. I'm a fan.

Below is his song THE BELL.

You can read up on Jesse DeNatale, follow his live play dates and buy his CD's at his webpage- Our mutual friend Tom Waits says this about Mr. DeNatale, "Now it seems that all of the best ones have been driven underground. If there is a leak in the boiler room, it is the music of Jesse DeNatale, a unique and original American voice.
- Tom Waits

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