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Monday, July 23, 2007



While I was in MOTOWN working with Suzanne and her great Madonna University PAH-FEST:MOTOWN team, I discovered SKYPE. Actually, Damian (DigiPostle) made me aware of it. Suzanne teaches a radio broadcasting class. While her students were promoting PAH-FEST:MOTOWN around the clock on the MADONNA UNIVERSITY radio station, I mentioned that my older brother Marc "the Cope" Coppola was a famous deejay/radio personality in New York. They were all excited. Marc offered to give them some professional tips. We had to figure out a way he could call into their radio show while out in the field with only internet access, no phones. SKYPE allowed me to get a real telephone number, so we could receive a telephone call from Marc while on-line. It worked wonderfully; the audio was perfectly clear. The DigiPostle also told me that if PAH uses our new SKYPE phone number instead of our mobile phone or land line numbers as the PAH Posse travels the globe, we will save a ton of money. SKYPE is just another reason why the brave new digital arena can be a win-win situation.

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