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Monday, July 16, 2007


Apple Photo Booth Fun.

I love Drive-Ins. Watching a movie through my windshield under the night sky, while eating a slice of oily pizza and slurping down a Dr. Pepper can be a very comforting, blissful fix for me. Now that Drive-Ins are on the verge of extinction, it's hard to to get this very special fix. I do the blow up outdoor screen, outdoor stereo speakers and digital projector screenings from time to time, and that helps, but it's a bit of a cluster setting up and taking down. What if you need a quick Drive-In fix? I have the answer...MY-VU iPod Video headsets. Both the DigiPostle and myself tried them out today. It was totally like looking at a film through your windsheld while still being completely aware of your surroundings. And, there's nothing claustrophobic about it like some of the other, much more expensive video/virtual reality goggles you can buy. If you are missing Drive-In Gestalt in your life, I highly recommend the MY-VU iPod headsets...they made me very happy.

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