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Monday, July 09, 2007



I have to admit that I am skeptical of the first run of new tech gadgets, but to my surprise the iPhone was very much like every other Apple product. It was aesthetically appealing, slick, lightweight, and the functionality was awesome. I had wondered how the text ability was going to work and even for those of us with chubby fingers could type quite easily on the touch screen. The camera on the phone was a really nice; it can take photos in portrait or landscape mode. Another plus to the phone is that if you already have a Mac you can sync all your applications to the phone i.e. iCal, iPhoto, iTunes, mail, etc. Which brings me to the drawbacks of the phone. First off it is only carried on AT&T/Cingular which in my opinion has one of the worst calling plans out there, not to mention in some locations gets really bad reception. Two the phone is really expensive and only has a max of 8 gigs right now, and if you have an iPod you know how fast that fills up, especially if you have a bunch of photos. I have information from an inside source who is confident that there will be a price drop within 6 months. Third and quite possibly the worst feature of the phone; there is no video capability. This feature alone prohibits me from buying the phone. My suggestion to consumers is that you wait. I would wait until the second generation comes out, my guess is that it will have more storage, it will have video capability, and it will be cheaper. My suggestion to Apple, follow in Nokia's footsteps and have really good video capabilities, have some version of iMovie on it, and have the phone available for other cell carriers.

All in all, the phone is really pretty and works like no other phone, but I still say wait for generation 2.

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