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Saturday, June 09, 2007


The Mobiflicks, Cell Phone Art and YourTECH Portraits are now live at the PAH NATION ONLINE THEATER. Help PAH and the esteemed PAH NATION judges pick the winners by watching and rating.

One should remember when looking at this material that these are "everyday" people who had a story they wanted to share with the rest of us. PAH digitally empowered the Cibola County community to tap into the CREATIVE PROCESS, produce a 6 minute
Mobiflick based on a 255 word story (fiction or non-fiction), idea, legend,
dream or memory. Each team consists of 4 members. They get a day of
training (learning how to use the digital equipment PAH provides), a day of
prep, a day of shooting and a day to edit and complete their mobiflick.
They also get a professional coach to guide them, but they must help them
tell their story their way, they are not allowed to tell them how to tell
their story. When judging look less at the technical proficiency and more at
the freshness of spirit and how well their story was communicated to the
rest of us. Was it sincere and honest? Was I moved or intrigued? Did I
learn something? In other words, did it have 'weight'? This is the criteria
PAH is interested in...a fresh crop of voices from the people to the people.

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