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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This years PAH-FEST in Grants, New Mexico helped to produce some very beautiful personal stories from the people. NMSU:Grants, Cibola Arts Council, the DBL team and the EARSXXI team worked hard to make this happen. Thank you to all involved. We all learned a lot together these past two years. The digital seeds were planted and have taken root nicely in Grants, New Mexico. Several other communities in New Mexico have inquired about old man PAH coming to pay a visit to them. Since I still believe New Mexico will one day become a digital Mecca, PAH is very interested in their stories as well. Now every year, PAH will be hitting the road to choose a new county, city or community to represent PAH-FEST:New Mexico. It is all part of the ever evolving PAH NATION. There's even a special 16 wheel PAH WAGON fully decked out with state of the art digital equipment in the works. Stay tuned!

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