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Friday, May 11, 2007


I asked Nick Paine, my creative partner, to write up this manifesto. I asked him to digest all of our PAH experiences as coaches, the feedback from PAH participants, and my PAH promotional speeches. He did a great job.

PAH MANIFESTO: "Project Accessible Hollywood"

1. The Philosophy

Every human being has a story to tell. A memory, a dream, a legend, whether factual or fiction. Individually, our range of stories is infinite. Together, we are a powerful agent for honest, positive, communication.

We understand how entertainment has become a business of the few, distributed to the many. Indeed, we have been part of this formula, and it is not without merit. However, we believe the future of visual storytelling will be built upon an open source methodology, accessible to everyone: "Think it, Shoot it, Share it." Look around you, the change is already happening, but how will you participate? PAH is a vehicle to the epicenter of the evolution.

2. The Responsibility

Ongoing advances in digital technology promise to swing open the storytelling doors to all who step through. But there is a risk of depersonalization. High-definition, non-linear, web-based; these are simply tools and should be treated as such. Some of the best stories we have experienced have been shared around a campfire, or on the flickering screen of an old drive-in movie theater. PAH seeks to protect this spirit; to recognize and celebrate the human artistry guiding the technology.

3. The Festival

PAH-FEST is a week-long, digital media festival, traveling to cities throughout the US and internationally. People from all walks of life, with engaging story ideas, are provided with digital equipment and a professional "helping hand," enabling them to create their own short digital films. The finished work is posted on the PAH online theater, where it is reviewed by the public and our pool of PAH celebrity judges. Yes, there are prizes, but more importantly the word is spreading, from community to community and beyond, that our stories are being told, and shared, and appreciated. This is the birth of the PAH-Nation. We welcome you.

Explore this website to learn more about where PAH's been, where PAH's going, and how you can sign on.

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