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Thursday, May 10, 2007


The PAH NATION is taking off. Many cities around the globe are hosting a
PAHFest now. However, PAHfest:Grants, New Mexico will always be the capitol
of the nation and Doug Bocaz-Larson a guiding force. DBL is a level headed
director, man of good will and excellent teacher. New Mexico should be

Announcing PAHfest: Grants Finalists

David Carradine will be receiving the Keeping the Torch Lit - June 6 at 6pm
- Double 6 Gallery 1001 W. Santa Fe Ave. in Grants, NM. There will be a
surprise "Classic Carradine" screening and discussion afterwards.

Finalists for mobiflicks:
The Saint Joseph Mission - Max Mitchell and Molly Carn of High Rolls, NM -
It is the aim of this project to bring awareness to the vast cultural
heritage of the old Spanish Missions of this region in New Mexico and the
impact they have had socially, culturally, religiously, and environmentally
for many generations since their construction.

Curandera - Daniel Salazar and Marcella Lopez of Tijeras, NM - This is a
documentary which both shows the ancient traditional art form of healing but
tries to capture the essence of being a traditional healer in an ever
changing environment.

Wild Weird Desert WORD - Bill Nevins and P. Baca y Candelria of Albuquerque,
NM - A mysterious poet from the wilds of New Mexico gathers inspiration and
flowers amidst the rattlesnake and cactus filled landscape of the High
Desert llano, all the time sharing incantations and rhymes with all who
cross her/his path.

Green Drops - Jose 'Cheo' Tapia of Albuquerque, NM - Two local guys
investigate alien green droppings in the desert.

Zuniland - Katherine Clark of Ramah, NM - This project is an interactive
mythology for/with children gathered around the elder storyteller-singer in
settings in the Zuniland area.

And we invite everyone to come June 8 to try our cell phone art and YourTech
Portrait competitions from 10am-5pm at the Mining Museum at 100 Iron Ave. in
Grants, NM.

We also have a Studio Tour and Technology Treasure Hunt on June 9 and 10 and
our awards ceremony June 10 at 6pm at the Best Western in Grants.

For more information, contact Doug Bocaz-Larson at or

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