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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Below is a recent e-mail from Suzanne Boyd, the PAHFEST:MOTOWN director...things are heating up in Detroit.

BTW I gave a talk in front of a large group at a Madonna event last night--I showed your fireside chat Chistopher and then they went nuts. Then I talked about Elmore Leonard and they went nuts. Then I unfurled a HUGE canvas poster of Zelda's beautiful artwork for PAH and they went nuts again. I kinda felt bad for the guy after me he says'''Oh great and I get to follow that!" One of the Deans said to me afterwards..I am going to talk to my muscician friends and ask them if they want to put in a proposal to do a mobi-flick on folk music in Michigan. I thought that was a great topic.

Thanks as always for your support, the excitement on campus is swelling to a fever pitch. Several news organizations have already committed to covering the event before and after--we move forward! Suzanne

Suzanne Boyd
TV Facilities & Production Mgr.
Madonna University
36600 Schoolcraft Rd
Livonia, Michigan 48150

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