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Monday, May 28, 2007



I just hooked up an Apple TV to my HD Plasma television. I downloaded a couple of classic Disney cartoons from the iTunes store, then performed a hot sync between my laptop and the Apple TV. Suddenly, the Disney cartoons, my photos, my movies (BikerCHEF trailer, art pieces), my music, my podcasts were all playable on my television. It was as if I was watching my very own CRC HD Channel. My wife wanted to see the trailer to the third installment of "Pirates of the Carribean." That took a little while to download with our DSL, but when it played it looked great. Very soon there will be ultra fast broadband available to the consumer like Intel's Lambdarail and the download time will vanish. Friends, the playing field has been leveled. Not only Big Hollywood, but you personally will be able to digitally distribute your work all over the world, to an even larger movie going public than exists now. Apple will be leading the way.

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