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Monday, May 07, 2007



Summer Time is Vacation Time:

Remember when being the camera person on vacation meant that you were responsible for the camera, which meant you usually had to carry a backpack or hold on to the 6 pound camcorder the whole time? Well the price and the size of camcorders has come down, but this still mean you have to transport it everywhere. We have reported on Mpeg4 camcorder technology before, but the price has dropped under $100. These handy recording devices record in DVD quality and fit in your pocket, they are about the size of a PDA. Creative has the DiVi Cam and it is priced at $79.99, or Aiptek DV4500 for $94.87, and if you really want to get hands free try the Samsung SCX105L Sports Camcorder. The Samsung has a extra sport-camera module that allows you to strap a lens to a helmet or anything really, and it will only set you back $179.

All-in-All these handy devices take the chore out of filming your next vacation.

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