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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


James Oseland. We went to the San Francisco Art Institute together. I admired his acute thought process. He was one of those very smart artists but his mind didn't seem to get in the way of his art. He acted and worked on some of my student films. It was during that time that I really began to rely on him as a kind of film advisor/sounding board. I trusted his taste. He was a valuable comrade on my first feature, "Dracula's Widow." It was my first run in with Hollywood producers and he helped to keep me focused. He is helluva a screenwriter and a terrific actor, especially playing the bad guys. Look for him in "Gunfighter", my 30's serial style Saturday Matinee Western; he plays "Feret", the knife thowing, woman hating, menacing weasel of a bad guy and does so masterfully.

Mr. Oseland is also a great chef...and, in many ways, besides my father, taught me some important lessons in cooking. His speciality is Indonesian food. He has just published his first cooking book, CRADLE OF FLAVOR. And I highly recommend it.

Check out James Oseland's webpage.

Congratulations, Jim. Keep up the great work.

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