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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Sofia Lee Moran. She was hired to do a photo shoot of me for the magazine "Transmission" a little while ago. I liked her style. She made me feel at ease with her creative process asking me questions, trying to get to know me as she put me in her stylized scenery. There's was something fresh, mysterious, often slyly playful about her creative process, like there was something spiritually deeper going on as she was photographing me. I remember even having to look upside down at her from my back on the grass in her backyard. I discovered she has been living with a brain tumour, and that obviously puts things in perspective for her--each second of our physical Life on Earth is to be respected and cherished, yet she is renewed with the timeless Life of her art and the Creative Process. Sofia taught me lot about the importance of art and healing. When EARSXXI did the HDAmerican Portraits for WalMart, I was thrilled to be able ask her to participate as the artist. I wanted the 160 million people a month that shop there to feel art was as important as water. I get a lot of e-mails from WalMart employees and shoppers that were affected by her piece. That makes everything I do worthwhile and meaningful. Below are some of her macro photography art will see there's a mystical, sensual energy alive in her work. Enjoy!

For more of her work go to


Currently I am working on an Independent film with my co director and partner Magali Arreola titled Las Lloronas, which means crying women in Spanish. The film is a dark humor story about 2 drag queens who hire themselves out as professional mourners for funerals and cemetery burials. I met Magali while working on an Ears XXI project last year. We are an excellent team on this film. This work in progress has been amazing in the fact that our community in Albuquerque has been so supportive that we are making the film with no budget whatsoever. The main actors and all supporting actors have donated not only their time, but everyone has gone even further and have supplied their own costumes and somehow it has all pulled together beautifully as well as professionally. I have chosen photos from the film Las Lloronas and photos of a series of
photographs of the intimacy and eroticism of the study of flowers.

Thank you to Christopher Coppola for supporting my artwork and honoring me with a blurb on your blog. I am doing my best to tame the tumor and so
far I am doing the best.

Get ready for Las it and WEEP!

Sofia Lee Moran

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