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Monday, April 30, 2007


Apple Photo Booth Fun.

Every year at PAHFEST:GRANTS, the capitol of the PAH NATION, we will be
giving out the EARSXXI "Keeping the Torchlit Award" as well as throwing our
EARSXXI "DIGITAL AMNESTY" CONTEST. One of the things that bothers me about modern
society is the way we just throw things away and I'm not talking about basic
trash...I'm talking about tools, the products (including art and craft) made
by these tools, and, worst of all, the people who used the tools to make the
products. With Digital Amnesty I want people to feel that their digital work,
whether it was made with a Fisher Price toy video camera or Canon XL1 or a
Panasonic Vericam, has another chance to be seen and celebrated for what it
is. I don't care when it was made just as long as it was made
electronically and is 7 minutes or less. We just worked things out with the
cutting edge company WITHOUT A BOX which is helping to make content more
accessible for the people by the people like EARSXXI is. You will now be
able to submit your work to the EARSXXI "DIGITAL AMNESTY" Contest via
WITHOUT A BOX. The DigiVangelist is looking for work that speaks from the
heart to the heart. Work that elevates the Human Spirit. Work that
celebrates GOOD WILL AND CONNECTIVITY while being uniquely yours. I
don't mind dark stuff as long as there's light at the end of the tunnel. I
personally believe if you keep the devil down he strikes back harder. It's
all about keeping the balance, understanding and compassion for others, as
well as community empowerment. If you have something you would like to
submit go to or There is a $7.77
submission fee to help pay for off setting our costs with the PAH ON-LINE
theatre and will also be used for our non-profit digital empowerment and
global creativity causes. The winner will receive a $777 cash prize given
with a special EARSXXI "DIGITAL AMNESTY" Trophy. So look through all your
digital work or create new work for the annual EARSXXI "DIGITAL AMNESTY"

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