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Monday, April 23, 2007




The much anticipated new Final Cut will be out in May! The newest feature to the family of studio applications is Color. Color is a color grading and finishing application that according to Apple would cost thousands of dollars on its own. This is probably the best thing that FCP could have implemented, because the color correction was probably its weakest attribute. There is a new video compression format call ProRes 422, which allows you use uncompressed HD footage at SD file size without loss of quality. You can also use as many different clip formats as you want on the same timeline. From what we have seen Apple took every annoying and tedious aspect of FCP and did away with it. There is a seamless workflow between applications and each application was improved 10 fold, except DVD Studio Pro. In my opinion this is the weakest application in the Studio package, but with the improvements in Motion, it looks like you could produce something very professional. If you already have the FCP Studio package the upgrade is $499.00, which is no chump change but what you can produce is well worth the money.

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