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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


While I was involved with Flickson66/DigiFestSouthwest/DukeCityShootout, I ran into a young, very energetic, very earnest Albuquerqian filmmaker. He was working freelance for a magazine/marketing firm doing commercials and such. I can't remember the name of this place, but I could tell that he was the place's "boy wonder"--sort of like PlasterCITY's Michael Cioni and Ian Vertovek. He showed me the commercial spot he was working on. It had a large coctail Olive Man and Onion Man hangin' out at the bar. I remember remarking how I liked his sense of humor as well as his artistic eye. He showed me some more of his work. He definitely had an art and music background. He was also very skilled at FinalCUT PRO. But, what impressed me the most about him, was his New Mexican touch. It was as if whether he liked it or not, the deep culture of his state guided his unique creative style and sensisibility. His name is Damian Montoya. He is now part of the EARSXXI/PAH team. He is also my DigiPostle. I am grateful and very thankful to have him on board.

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