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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Apparently I posted something that wasn't exactly Damian's. It was Damian's friend, Mario Rivera. Damian explains below:

The spin:

I meet this talented musician and overall funny guy named Mario
Rivera. I cast him in the Olive vs Onion and we worked on several
projects together after that. He needed help on his art project and
I had been teaching him FCP so I helped him on his project and this
is what he came up with. We were supposed to show my piece and then
what he did, but due to technical issues we reversed them.

......and my friend doesn't care. But I don't take credit for
something that isn't mine. I will post a comment on the blog that I
reversed the order of the clips and I really wanted to show Mario and
that he composed all that music in Garage Band.

Okay, so we all know that we like Mario's work. But, now I will post what I saw when I first met Damian...Olive Vs. Onion.

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