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Monday, March 26, 2007



Apple's iTV

As previously reported the merger between your internet content and your television hits a new stride as Apple releases iTV. The sleek little box allows you to wirelessly transmit your itunes content to your TV. From your home office or up to 6 computers around your house you can transmit your video, music, or photo content that is on your computer to the iTV console and then to your TV. In fashion with everything Apple the interface is very slick and very user friendly. It has some limitations however, you cannot stream video from the internet....yet. Apple is very secretive about future applications of the box, but for now it is a user friendly very "cool" device, that will have more complex applications in the future. These upgrades will be downloadable for your existing box. Unfortunately it does not replace any existing device such as your TiVo or DVD player, but how else are you going to get your trapped computer content onto your TV? iTV is $299 and has a 40 GB hard drive and is also Windows compatible. This is not the only device like this, but it definitely is the easiest to use and the best looking.

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