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Monday, March 19, 2007



Antics update: Thanks to some research from Brad at Antics 3D I was able to pull in a google image of the Ducati locations. Once I had my locations in Antics I was able to scale my virtual world with in an inch of the actual size and precisely place trees and bushes, providing a realistic location. I have found that the most time consuming process is creating the sets in Antics. The character movement could also use some fine tuning as well. Getting the timing of the character interactions is somewhat clumsy and frustrating. Although the set construction takes a while to build the results are amazing, I recreated the street I live with pinpoint accuracy. With a perfect scale model of your set in place the magic of the program really takes off. With the ability to move the camera around, and set up multiple cameras, the director can get a sense of where the best angles are. While the characters and objects are quite basic, if you have a 3d program such as 3D Max, you can create realistic textures and apply them to your antics project. It is possible with just a couple of pro-sumer products to create a high quality animated story. Working with Windows for this project: Um........I don't recommend it.

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