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Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am very impressed with the work that came out of Elko. The kids who created the piece "Life Without Bounds" were absolutely amazing. They acted, wrote and shot this piece and it truly comes from their experiences. Very emotional and intense. PAH wants to get more involved with the Boys & Girls Club. I felt a little bad that I couldn't give them the first prize, but the judges spoke and gave it to TEAM STRAUSS WALTZES AWAY, another wonderful piece about how a little American town suffers when an American company leaves for China. I worked very closely with the Church family on their HARD ASS ANGELS, so I am a little biased, but I am so very proud of having helped them create this poignant, very thoughtful tribute Don & Barbara who taught them how to survive the cold winters of Northern Nevada.

PAHFEST: ELKO took the CellPhone Art contest to a whole other mini-movie level. Their topic was "Heart of Gold" and the Elko community really stepped it up creatively.

Congratulations to Peter Church for winning the CellPhone Art contest with his Dancing & Diddling Brothel Wild Woman who has a heart of gold tribute.

Congratulations to Bobbie Roberts for winning the WebCam Art Contest with her very funny piece about Cinnamon the Ginger Bread Lady leaving a personal ad. One of my WebCam favorites was James Church's very sweet and funny love song to the girl he has a crush on.

Fernando Vargas received the Bugsy Kahn Award for his dedicated work with the Elko Boys & Girls Club. He gets that if you help just one person you have made a difference in the world. Like the very famous prior Bugsy Kahn recipient Doug Bocaz Larson (DBL), Mr. Vargas believes in PAH, helping people share the stories from their heart, building a global creativity community, fostering self worth and healing.


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