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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I think I've just been warned by one of my readers on OTL to take head to not to become a half-baked Orin from "The Neverending Story". I am seriously intrigued. I did a little researching on Orin and I have to say some it did resonate with me. I truly don't want to become a half-baked Orin.

Sanaya: Orin is a nonphysical entity that I connect with through conscious channeling. I experience Orin as a being of great love, wisdom, and compassion. He never tells people what to do or how to live their lives. When asked, Orin will offer suggestions and ideas to assist people in seeing more choices. He has a constant message: that the universe is friendly, that it is unlimited in its abundance, that everything is happening perfectly for our good although we may not always understand why, and that we can choose to grow through joy rather than through struggle. Orin encourages you to accept only the ideas presented in the books and courses that seem true to the deepest part of your being, and to set aside any that do not.

Orin tells me he is a Being of Light. He says he is working with us at this time because humanity is going through a major transition and awakening. Orin has lived an earth life and is aware of the many challenges of living on the earth plane. He says that he now "lives" on the soul plane and in even higher realms. One of his purposes is to serve humanity.

Part of his service is to offer people a path of spiritual growth and to assist people in reaching their higher self, soul, and spirit. Orin has an important message about the path he is offering/ Read an overview of all his courses, how they fit together, and information that may assist you in choosing what courses you want to work with. Included in this link is information about what is your higher self, what is your soul, and what is your Divine Self, and the path to Self Realization that Orin is offering.

He tells me he is here to help people find their spiritual power, open their hearts, and create more happiness and peace in their lives. His work is to assist people in transforming their emotions and personalities, so that they can evolve to a higher consciousness during these transformative times.

I am in a relaxed, yet alert state of awareness when I bring Orin's messages through me. I am fully present and aware of both my own thoughts and his. When Orin is with me, I do not feel as if I am in a trance state; my voice does not change, nor do I lose consciousness. Orin says he communicates with me through a form of higher telepathy. He impresses my soul and higher mind with messages that are then received into my conscious awareness. Orin says that although his energy and light are available to any who call upon him, he will not bring messages and information through other channels until after my lifetime.

Orin's words express only a fraction of what I am experiencing. There is a richness of feelings, pictures, and illumination transmitted with them that is beyond description. I feel his contact as if I have expanded into a world of light and joy. It is as if through Orin I can experience a world of increased understanding, greater awareness, and more compassion and love. The ability to reach this state of awareness is an ability that everyone possesses. It is a matter of listening, opening, and allowing yourself to expand beyond the "you" that you know as your normal awareness.

Channeling involves letting your identity grow into one that includes a more expansive perspective. Many of you experience this when you are doing work you love and feel clearer, wiser, and more inspired than in your normal state of awareness. Some call this expanded state channeling, inspiration, creative thinking, intuitive insight, or expanded awareness. If you are interested in learning to channel, you may want to read "How to tell if you are ready to channel" to determine if channeling might be your next step. Orin and DaBen's book Opening to Channel will teach you skills to allow you to channel a guide or your higher self.

Orin says that everyone drawn to his work is a teacher, leader, and healer, even if they are not yet aware of it. He says he is reaching those of you who are on the leading edge of the new consciousness that is coming, working with you to assist you in discovering more of your life purpose and in accomplishing what you came to earth to do.

Through his journeys and books, Orin wants to assist you in making a connection to your soul and higher self, in getting your work out to the world, and in creating abundance. Orin works with you through his many journeys to assist you in joining with your higher self and soul to reprogram your subconscious to put in new, more positive beliefs and thoughts so you can create the reality you want. Orin joins with DaBen to offer you the light body course to assist you in aligning with the new energies coming, in taking your next evolutionary steps, and to empower you to fulfill your higher purpose of becoming a more perfect light. Orin's work is part of the timeless wisdom. He teaches you the mystery school teachings in his Millennium journeys and the Soul Love book.

Orin is aware of every soul that reaches him through his words, either spoken or written. His light is always available to those who have made contact with him. As you read his books or listen to the journeys, he will join his energy with yours to assist you in unfolding your potential and living the life you want if you ask him to do so and open to receive the light he will send you.

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