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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm reading the first great hero myth of the human race, Inanna...Queen of Heaven and Earth. A Sumerian epic tale written 2000 years before the bible. I am completley entralled with it. Then I got excited when I discovered that EAR and WISDOM in Sumerian are the same. But mind is what is meant. So instead of saying I should set my 'mind ' on something, I would say I should set my 'ear" on something..."like a donkey that sets its ear at a particular sound."

So, a little recap...

PAH means water in Shoshone

EAR means WISDOM/MIND in Sumerian.

I knew that I came up with those names for a reason...I wasn't just pulling a rabbit out of a hat...even if I was, so what. Things happen for a reason.

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