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Monday, January 15, 2007


Apple Photobooth Fun.

Broadcasting yourself: Call to Poets and writers.

If you love the idea of posting your poems or stories but love the art of writing, this gadget is for you.

The Epos Digital Pen EPOS:

This device is a Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive it is the next generation in USB Flash Drive products. With this unique bundle, EPOS takes both the pen and the USB product one step further in a revolutionary combination that provides a totally portable, wireless PC peripheral pen with flash memory capabilities. You can write on any type of paper, store hundreds of pages of text, and it transforms written text into typed text. You then plug the receiver/flash drive to your PC and upload your poem or story to Fanstory, Writing, or any number of other sites like these.

For painters or photographers:

The site fan art review is a kind of YouTube for the arts Fanartreview. At this site you can upload, view, review, get reviewed, and even sell your art.


The LightSnake is basically a sound card on a cable. It is a 1/4" to USB cord that plugs into guitars, bass, keyboard, or any other musical instrument that takes a 1/4" plug. The cord connects to you PC and is a true plug and play device; it automatically opens whatever recording software you have. The recording comes out in true CD quality.

Filmmakers and video-Blogists

The best new camcorders out are the newest generation of Mpeg4 camcorders. Sanyo has really stepped up with it Xacti series of hand held Mpeg4 cameras. The first is the Xacti cg6; this ultra compact camera is ideal for carrying everywhere. With 6 mega pixel still shots and 30 fps digital recording, it records with DVD quality. This camera should be strapped to every filmmaker; with over an hour of shoot time you won't miss a thing. If Mpeg4 is to low quality for you the HD1 Digital Media Camera by Sanyo records in 720p and the dimensions are: 3.1" x 4.7" x 1.4"! Both cameras are about the same size and are ergonomically made to use with one hand.

A final note:

As with all viral upload sites, make sure you read the fine print so you don't give away your creative.

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