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Monday, January 08, 2007

The DigiVangelist

Apple Photo Booth Fun.

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) starts today in Vegas and the big topic is: The “Digital Home”.

As reported before connecting every multi-media device in your home will be possible in the next few months. Bill Gates will be giving a keynote speech this evening at the CES unveiling Home Server. The concept is to have a server in every home. If you have multiple PC’s in your home you can access all of your files and run all of your multi-media gadgets from any PC. Gates goes on to say that he his working on devices that have visual and voice recognition capabilities that let you call up any movie or music from anywhere in the house.

Some products to help you start your digital home:

Samsung FP-TS094W Wireless TV

This is a wireless plasma TV that works with a wireless AV router. The router has lots of regular and HD inputs as well as an HD DVD player. Which begs the question, which will win, Blu-Ray or HD DVD? That is yet to be determined, but there is an answer.

The LG BH100

Plays both Blu-Ray and HD DVD’s, and cost about the same as buying both types of players.

Sony Bravia Internet Video Link

This handy device streams regular and HD Internet content to your HD TV.

Sony VAIO XL3 Digital Living System

This is a step up from the Bravia; it fully integrates your PC to your TV. It has a Blu Ray disk player, CableCARD slot allowing you record TV in HD without a separate set-top box, and of course surf the web from your couch with a wireless keyboard.

The integration of your PC with your home entertainment system has changed the entertainment industry. With the ability to watch HD content over the web there will be no difference between Internet, network, or cable television. The Internet could be the first means of distribution for a variety of content that through traditional distribution would have little or no audience, as well as the financial advantages. This is not just for film enthusiasts, it is for poets, musicians, writers, painters, philosophers, anyone with something to share.

Next week:

Gadgets that help you share your artistic voice.

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