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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My wife met Mick Lucey on the 30 seat commuter plane from Salt Lake City to Elko. He was seated in front of her and, since he took a long time to disembark, he turned to her and thanked her for her patience in a thick Irish brogue. She told him she had plenty of patience, and he said he had none, but his own wife had enough for the both of them. She said she bet he was going to the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and he said he was. He was a sheepherder living in Klamath Falls and had brought his button accordion to play and recite. It was his first time there. When they got off the plane my wife took a picture of Mick and his wife in front of the little plane, then promised to go to his performance. We saw Mick with a standing room only crowd at the Western Heritage Cultural Center last night.

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