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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

An Old School Thank You Note

Some of you have asked how my meal came out. It usually comes out very good, but this one was extra special--my timing was better than usual (though the octopus was a tad tough--it was white wine steamed one minute too long) and my little family really helped me a great deal with my juggling pots and pans dance. I also had as a guest for the first time a dear actor friend of mine and my 91 year old grandmother....his name is Rory, but he is better known as Angus Scrim who is world famous in the cult/horror film circles as "The Tall Man" in the wonderfully original Phantasm movies. Mr. Scrim has also been in several of my movies. He is a very erudite gentleman, well versed in music, literature and film. It was a joy having him spend the evening with us. I just received this thank you note from him. It takes one back to another era where graciousness, gratitude and elegant writing were considered an important part of one's character make-up.


Dear Christopher, Adrienne and Bailey,

Your Christmas Eve dinner was a once in a lifetime event for me--the stuff of fables--something I would remember for the rest of my life even if I were now 18 instead of 80--"Babette's Feast" recast with an Italian (and German) American male instead of an expatriate Frenchwoman in Denmark.

Every dish was uniquely delectable, inspired by the artistry of a master chef who is just as savvy and inventive at the stove as he is behind a camera. Far more delicious dishes than any I've experienced on a rare (maybe 2 or 3 times as a generous friend's guest) visit to the restaurants of the much publicized Wolfgang Puck.

And the service staff at your place was equally exceptional--the slim, attractive hostess/sommelier and the hyperenergetic waiter/busboy/tablecleaner who hopped over chairs and other objects like Robert Benigni at the Oscars to be sure every diner had what he/she needed, and simultaneously managed to regale the guests with dinner music on the flute, both remarkable attendants remaining thoughtful, gracious, warmly helpful and bountifully hospitable throughout.

photo by dinner guest Moon Cho

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