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Monday, December 18, 2006



No Generation Left Behind:

While Technology keeps getting more advanced the gap between those who have grown-up with cell phones and laptops and those who thought that solar powered calculators were the "bee's knees" widens; the question becomes how do we close the gap? The Samsung Jitterbug Dial is the first phone designed specifically for the elderly. It has a larger design, no complicated multimedia functions, and room to still wear your hearing aid. The phone’s menu asks, in very large font, simple yes and no questions, and the phone even has a dial tone.

Global Community:

CNN did a report last night about Time magazines "Person of the Year". This "Person of the Year" title can be anything or anybody that has changed the course of humanity for good or bad. There was a lot of talk about various political leaders and groups, but someone had suggested the guys from YouTube, and various other viral video sites. In the end Time magazine chooses "YOU", the people of the Internet that post videos and music and blogs. I think they hit it on the head, while a lot of political turmoil has taken place this year, no one can deny the massive impact that Google buying YouTube had. In 2006 the selling of YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars legitimized viral videos. In the future people will look back and say 2006 was the year that viral video was born. Not that even 1% of what is on YouTube is any good, but it made the entertainment industry take a serious look at their own future. Now media is controlled by the masses not by entertainment conglomerates, anyone can be a published author, poet, or blog enthusiast. Anyone can tell a visual story and put it out there in cyberspace, where as a few years ago this wouldn’t have been possible. At the end Time’s editor in chief admitted that this evolution has made Time rethink the way they do business. The Digital revolution is here!

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