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Monday, December 11, 2006



First let me congratulate Anna Pacheco for getting into the Cinemas Albuquerque Latino Film Festival. She was a contestant at our first PAH-FEST in Grants, NM. Her short is called "Matanza"'s about a little girl's First Holly Communion and the celebration of the mysteries of life. I liked it very much.

How small?

As electronic devices get smaller and smaller, some ask how small will this devices get. Well MIT says that the limit is going to be met soon because of the limitations of silicon. Fear not, they how found a composite material called indium gallium arsenide which can carry 2.5 times the amount of current than the latest silicon devices. Just think how small they will make the next ipods.

The next generation laptops:

HP and Cingular have come together to get you on the Internet easier. The Compaq nc6400 uses WWAN (wireless wide-area network) to connect vs. the normal WLAN (wireless local-area network). This means that you connect using cell towers, giving you more range.  Most computer manufacturers are moving toward this type of connectivity.

Life without wires (wouldn't that be great):

Oh wait that day is here. I said it before and I'll say it again, soon the integration of your PC, TV, and Internet will be complete. Neosonik is part of the wave to have your entertainment center completely wireless. You can have the TV up to 200 feet away and still receive a HiDef signal from your PC. This technology is still in the works, they are able to transmit at 3Gbps but to watch true 1080p (the best picture quality) you need at least 5Gbps. Next year will be an interesting one.

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