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Monday, December 04, 2006


APPLE PHOTO BOOTH FUN/CRC is the sad Mr. Tapir Man.

DigiVangelist on assignment: "DigiDisaster"

On my recent trip to Albuquerque I dropped my Sony Cyber Shot and broke it. I was able to improvise and use my TREO 650 cell phone as a camera to get my footage with the honorable Mayor Jackson of Rio Rancho. Having phantom pains due to loosing my mini Mpeg4 camcorder, I tried to find a replacement, but found that there was nowhere in Albuquerque that sold Mpeg4 recorders. So I acquired a JVC Mpeg2 camera and got my shots of the DBL awards.

In comparison:
I have become very accustom to the Cyber Shot interface so I maybe bias, but I found the JVC Mpeg2 camera functionality to be hard to navigate. The video quality between the Mpeg4 and Mpeg2 was slightly noticeable. In a pinch you have to think on your feet so as far as a hasty decision I think the JVC Mpeg2 was a decent compromise. All in all everything worked out but keep your fingers crossed for my travel companion while he visits the hospital.

In other news:
Finally, the patent office made public Apple's plan to release an iPod-like media player with mobile phone features. Apple is known for it secretiveness about product launches but rumors have it that the iPhone will come out early next year. I was wondering when they would come out with a phone.


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