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Monday, November 27, 2006


Apple Photo Booth Fun
mini-PAH:BREMEN happened on my son's birthday. You will be able to vote on their cell phone art at very soon. So stay tuned.

Mobil Phones,

Tired of paying for expensive cell phone calls? A new technology
that is being put in phones allows you to access hot spots and use
your phone for free or really cheep. Companies like Vonage and Skype
are taking advantage of this. Vonage phones with this wi-fi
technology are about 90 bucks and 15 dollars a month for 500
minutes. You do however have to worry about weak signals that my
drop your call and or getting shot by whoever your stealing wireless

Last month a Fox newsman did a live report using his Treo smart
phone. With major advances in mobile phone video there may never be
the need for expensive satellite trucks. The software that runs on
the Treo is CometVision, and it is able to transmit video over non3-G
networks using a small amount of bandwidth.

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