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Monday, November 20, 2006


Apple Photo Booth fun.

Well, the big news is that CRC is now up on the On The Lot web page. I really had to think long and hard about doing it. I asked my many consiglieres if I should. The submission process doesn't exclude so-called professional filmmakers. The more I thought about it how could I be a very good Digivangelist without putting myself out there on the front lines so to speak. On The Lot is an idea that is spawned out of the new digital arena. I need to see how it works for my own alternative distribution ideas. The best way to do that is to participate.


A lot of people in the major music industry are complaining about
copyright violations and peer to peer file sharing but with dedicated
"music video" channels playing nothing but reality shows about
musicians, where is the music? Independent artists are now embracing
p2p sharing because it is a more effective way to bring attention to
your band. With digital technology being as affordable as it is a
band can professionally shoot a video for less than 10K and use
BitTorrent as a distribution tool. With BitTorrent you have a high
quality video unlike the thumbnail sized video you see on

In 2007, 8 airline companies plan to have ipod docks in the back of
the seats with connections to the seat back video monitors so you can
watch your videos.

Helio Drift

An exclusive Samsung Device, this phone has GPS technology and when
you turn your buddy beacon on your position is transmitted to your
buddies and displayed on a map. If all of your friends have this
phone, you know exactly where everyone is. The GPS will also look up
traffic jams, give you directions, and keep you from getting lost.

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