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Monday, November 13, 2006


Apple Photo Booth Fun: building on the mindspace.

It's all about PAH today. We are gearing up for an Elko, Nevada PAH-FEST to be held at the end of January during the famous Cowboy Poetry Gathering. The concept of 10,000 cowboy poets having the ability of creating visual cell phone poems and sharing them with the world has my aura radiating today. I also received an e-mail from Bremen, Germany this morning. That's the great town that gave us the Thieves of Bremen. You know, the Mule, the Dog, the Cat and the Rooster standing on each others back looking through the window and bravely saving the town from the thieves. Way to go animals! One of my childhood favorites. Well, they're doing a special underground arts/new media festival to be held at bars, plazas, galleries, coffee houses, beer houses, etc through out the town. They want German PAH to be part of it. PAH knows our brothers and sisters of Bremen know the importance of the creative process; they want to share their personal stories, their art from the heart. PAH is proud to be part of this event as well.

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