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Monday, November 06, 2006


Apple Photo Booth Fun.

I am always looking for new avenues of distribution, new strategic alliances and new ways to promote and share one's creative vision with others. The DigiVangelist team has found some fresh giz's & gad's for this week.


If you love TV, the Sling Media Slingbox is like TiVo but more versatile. It will record shows or you can watch streaming video (whatever is on your tv), and you can watch from your laptop, desktop, PDA, or smart phone. You can watch whatever cable package you have, so if you're in Grants and the hotel doesn't have your MLB package but they have high speed internet; BAM game time. They are also looking into original content. I took a meeting with them regarding a PAH channel. Content is king. Let's see what happens. SLINGMEDA


Old School and New School meet at yet another crossroads. It is the size of a paperback and you download just like you would with your itunes onto your ipod. It holds hundreds of books. The pages scroll with a touch sensitive pad, and it's not just a book you can download blogs, news feeds, jpeg's, and MP3's.


A virtual library of all your music, movies, books, and more. You scan your bar code in with your isight webcam, or type it in and the software connects to amazon and downloads the artwork and information. It then puts the artwork on a virtual bookshelf. The best function is that if you loan out a movie you drag the icon onto your friend's name and it connects to a calendar and tells you when it is due back. DELICIOUS LIBRARY

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