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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm still trying to find the right stucture for my EARS blog. I want it to fit better with everything thing that we are trying to accomplish at EARSXXI in terms of our projects and on-line presence. I'm going to get rid of MEMORIES and the STATE OF THINGS because I can tap into that during a Saturday morning audblog session. The idea I have now is to make Wednesday's CRC PRESENTS day and Friday's BIKER CHEF day. CRC PRESENTS will be a weekly unveiling of short, music, art and poetry. This could help feed the on-line magazine and promote PAH. BIKER CHEF will be little serial episodes of Biker Chef and Biker Cat on the culinary road. T his will help our soon-to-be launched on-line store where you can buy Biker Chef's food products. Also, I am working on the next podcast with special guest Tom Sebastian, so stay tuned.

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