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Friday, October 27, 2006


It's been a busy week. Nick and I had several "power lunches"--those are always fun. It's sort of like eating and talking while playing a game of psychic chess. We had an especially long one with David Carradine. The man has a lot to say. We're gearing up for a new cell phone original content download idea called STARSPEAK. This is another form of bringing celebrity down to the people. It's a chance for celebrities to tap into the everybody boat and leave some encouraging words behind. I love the idea of David with all of his sacred and profane wisdom being our first celebrity to partake. I also did an interview for the Hollywood Reporter. Believe it or not, I have a fan there. A very gracious, kind reporter who is excited about what I am trying to pull off at EARSXXI, especially PAH. Apparently, I am supposed to be one of the top ten to watch in the new digital media world. That is very flattering, and I am excited about what my team at EARSXXI has accomplished and is going to accomplish; but, I am just someone who wants to empower others with my energy and ideas so they can find and nurture their unique voices through the Creative Process as well. What better way to celebrate the all inclusive Human Spirit.

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