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Friday, October 13, 2006


This week was all about prepping for our companies Open House. Nick, Moon, Jason worked their butts off to make sure the stage was ready. They did a great job. I had this idea that we should give a little token out to everybody that came. I came up with a EARSXXI poker chip one can turn in to get 10% off a first rental. POKERCHIP.pdf Given the many sides of my so-called colorful personality, I thought being the cigar chewing used car "Just Tell Me What You Need" salesman of mini-digi stages was apropos. Nick and I also had a positive mini-serials for alternative digital platforms pitch meeting on Wednesday. The best thing about it was the general excitement of all the kind of felt like being back in a Silent Era brainstorming session in which the dissolve, close-up and fade-in/fade-out were just discovered. The possibilities that the digital arena has to offer is limitless and with the selling of YouTube to Google for 1.6 billion, it is obvious that big business believes the great equalizer/all inclusive digital arena is economically viable as well. These are exciting times for the big guy and the little guy. It is a win-win situation.

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