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Friday, October 06, 2006


The EARSXXI team spent most of the week developing serial webisode ideas for a pitch we will be doing in the next week or so. I like what we came up with and am very hopeful that they will come to fruition. All the companies, EARSXXI, PlasterCITY, DFE are working hard to make our Oct. 13 open house a success. I like the group synergy and energy that I am feeling these days. I'm still working on BBVM and am in the process of working a deal out with George Takei. My idea is to shoot this film entirely in the MPEG4 format. I have to make the film for a dime, so I thought it would be invigorating to try something completely different. Nick and I met with Alain SIlver, the producer of four of my movies. He's been actively making feature films in the 10 grand range. The idea is to get rid of all the baggage--lights, reflectors, dollies, etc. You have your script, your actors, prosumer camera and go for it. It's the new no-budget digital dogma. I had him read BBVM. He correctly said that one has to make certain assumptions in order to pull something like this off; i.e. no one gets paid, the community where I want to shoot this film is on board to help me any way they can, and that I will stick to the restrictions and guidelines. I consider BBVM the pilot for a much larger concept--the PAH-FLICKS training program. It might be necessary for me to go the no-budget digital dogma route in order to break ground for the bigger picture. I'm not a real dogma fan. It works for some projects, but not all. That's not to say one cannot follow the guidelines and still create something unique on to itself. Hell, this is a female wrestling movie based on Puccini's Turandot. If the whole piece has the look of a WWE match, I'd be happy. So, I don't have a hundred extras...I shoot a crowd at a local basketball game and intercut it with some well designed shots of my three wrestlers going at it. How will you know? The point is you won't. That's the sort of challenge I have been really missing lately...being forced to think out of the box to be creative. Anyhow, I am putting together a package for this new BBVM PAH-FLICK pilot concept. While I am doing that, I will be sending professional screenwriters to various campuses in NM to work with NM writers in the development process of the next 6 PAH-FLICKS...these will be larger budgets, but not by much. I will use the momentum to raise the money I need to launch the whole training program. That is the goal. Lastly, my internet presence will be changing when the new EARSXXI home page is launched. My blog will be more structured. Something like this: Sunday-SUNDAY WISDOM, Monday-The DigiVangelist, Tuesday-IN MY HANDS, Wednesday-MEMORIES, Thursday-EARSXXI OFFICE BUFFA, Friday-THE STATE OF THINGS, Saturday-SMBB. So, there you have it, the state of things as it stands today.

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