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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I just came back from a lunch meeting with the first assistant I ever had, Adam Wolf. He worked with me on Red Dog, Deadfall and on the development process of Lifeshield. He was always an eccentric character and still is...Chairman of the west coast exotic fruit tree society; uses peanut oil instead of gas for his diesel Mercedes; has a room in his house painted like an old-fashioned, red steakhouse and a blow up KISS chair in his office. He's the creative director at a place called the Pig Factory. They represent musicians as well as license music for films, TV and other forms of media. I talked with him about helping out with EYESXXI. He's very keen. Adam, we will take it further next week and you will treat me to lunch.

On the set of RED DOG, back in '92.

Mr. Wolf's Pig Factory office in '06

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