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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Road Trip Day 18

I made some of the fresh Klamath salmon for my aunt and uncle over alder and apple wood. I soaked the salmon steaks in my Klamath fishing guide's favorite marinade, "Yoshido's Gourmet Sauce". I also laid the steaks on top of sliced sweet onions instead of directly on the grill. Delicious! I hadn't spent much time with my extended family lately and I enjoyed it. Both FC and EC really liked Biker Chef. We talked about doing an episode in the Napa Valley. Coppola wine, Napa Valley Oive Oil and old man Particelli's homemade grappa will all be major ingredients. I also spent some time with my Planet X colleague and his family. Stay tuned for some brand new creative, cutting edge concepts coming to a Wal-Mart near you.

We left the Rubicon Estate in the late afternoon and started to make our way down the coast. Every town, big and small, had a mojor event going on: bike rallies, Christian Rock concerts, Irish games etc. All campsites, hotels and motels were full. We finally found a place in Steinbeck country just before midnight. So good night.

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