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Friday, November 11, 2005

PAH D. 3

Thomas brothers hosted a beautiful evening at their El Pinto restaurant. This is the same great restaurant where Biker Chef cooked his final meal for all the wonderful people he met in New Mexico.

This was the first evening that Nick and I really talked about the importance of PAH and how in the long run it will be beneficial to everyone in the state. We tried out our Coppola/Paine one two punch. I talked about how the State of New Mexico has nothing to lose by completely embracing the digital arena. I talked about the importance of immediate global grassroots art and storytelling through broadband, cell phones, podcasting and other technologies on the verge of being developed. It's a brave new world, but, to me, a very positive one. People all over the world can share their art and stories through this digital arena. The more people of different lands and cultures communicate the better off we all are. And so on and so on. I then left the table to pay my bar tab. This was Mr. Paine's cue to get into the nuts and bolts of PAH. How it works and why. He discussed the digital pro-consumer methods that EARSXXI/PLASTERCITY uses at 6500 Sunset Blvd. Seed money will need to be raised to build PAH, but PAH will save money and make money in the long run. And so on and so on. We got back to the pad late. BIC took some snap shots early this morning.

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